30 November 2006


I spy something...
Man. Remember these things? I used to stare at these pictures for hours, scouring the frame for that long lost golden key or miniature dinosaur or the sneaky snake perfectly aligned with a bookshelf's shadow. My mind would reel just thinking about all of the hidden items that weren't even mentioned in the clever little poem at the bottom of the page. They snuck in little lessons [refer to that depiction of Bach] and probably some political propaganda, and tricked us into learning our numbers and letters. I loved the photos with themes: at the beach, in the garden, toy box or kitchen, on the shelves at the library, in the conservatory... [with Professor Plum and the wrench, perhaps?] ... but what I loved even more was when I found the really out of place objects like a baby bunny... a tiny jack hammer... or a secret pair of nunchucks.

My family used to tease me because I would have such an amalgamation of little, teeny-tiny things that had no relation to one another (in their unimaginative minds). On any given day at age three, you could see me walking around, strutting my stuff in my Wonder Woman swimsuit or underwear, with a tiny little fist wrapped around a marble, itty-bitty Barbie shoes, or whatever-else-have-you. Later on, after kindergarten, I would run rampant through the neighborhood with my partners in crime: Ashley, the cool girl with a miniature orange tree on her porch, and my boyfriend, Clark, who had a yellow lab that attacked the eyes of my stuffed animal dolphin. One of our favorite pastimes, aside from repeatedly climbing the magical tree in my front yard, was to locate a bottle cap from whatever drink bottle we found lying around, decorate it with leaves and flower petals and tinsel, and then capture a baby gecko and put the creature in the luxurious bed we had just fashioned for her.
Now, I don't get to do that as much. Sad. However, I was sent this a while back:How cool is that?! Maybe it doesn't involve pampering a little reptile, but it utilizes those long forgotten "I Spy" skillz AND music industry smarts! And really, look at those good looking Police!

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