16 January 2009


I saw him eying me from afar. Across Savers. He was leaning against a clothes rack with his hands in the pockets of his pleated pants, one foot resting on top of the other. I crossed carefully behind the books, but his gaze continued. Just as I was almost to the door:

"You play volleyball, don't you?"
[Looking around] "Uh, me?"
"Yeah, you play volleyball, right?" [Him, throwing a sassy $10.00 smile.]
"Mmm, no."
"Ah, but you're so tall! You really should. And you're so..."
[Cutting him off before he could attempt to finish that sentence]
"I used to, but--"
"You shouldn't waste your height like that. You're beautiful."
"...thanks." [Shuffling off quickly, to avoid hearing the rest of his flattery.]


11 January 2009

bedfellows, pt. II

The other two came to visit today. Both were creeps and kneaded the bed to death.

Each time, my little terror came to reclaim her throne.

06 January 2009


all the cats change personalities when they get here.

and the other two nearly showed their pretty faces.

yes, Andrea, even Ghost.