19 December 2008

thank you

Once in awhile, we receive delightful bits of post here at the anthropology department. Today, this envelope came in, shuffled amongst the catalogs and campus mail:

And Evie thought I should be the one to open it. Neither of us had noticed anything strange about the envelope. I tore the back and pulled out this slight strip of paper, folded in half.

...And then three young men walked in with matching tuxedos. Their bow ties were cornflower blue.


15 December 2008

808s & heartbreak

Kanye: pared down, yet beefed up. Dizzying.

I'm trash at studying academic topics.

27 November 2008


The mournful Daisy Mae had just been thwacked with an inflatable bat, and as a last-ditch attempt to get any of our pity, she tearfully stopped at the top of the stairs, clutching fistfuls of tiny plastic snakes. As she shook the little serpents, making them quiver between her fingers, she dramatically pouted "and nobody will play snakes with me."

I lost it. And I choked on a mouthful of carrots trying to hide my laughter from this tiny girl.

Thanksgiving day was delightful. I love my family and the nonsense embedded in us.

I also love just about everyone around me. You're all top notch. Except you: you know who you are. Just kidding. You might not know who you are. Kidding again. Okay, nevermind. (The red squiggly line under Nevermind wants me to replace it with Nevermore, Verminous, Mastermind, and Undermined. Seriously... verminous?)

But really, I don't tell people often enough how much I love them. Ask me if I love you sometime. I dare you to.

I'd really like that.


24 October 2008


I halted posting to save my one hundredth post for something really rad. Instead, I give you these links to other rad websites to provide you with one hundred hours* of delight. but first, a staggering statistic: 2.55 percent of lovely zombies fail to vote in local elections.

I'm lightheaded. This makes me dizzy.

but I feel phenomenal.

*(I can only reimburse you for 100 hours, as anything past that would be wasteful.)

21 October 2008


Skeletons from my many closets: coming around just in time for the spooky season.

Thanks, guys.

31 July 2008


I just geeked out when teh count on my inbox hit 1337.

28 July 2008


This morning, I crossed the path of a snail. I could see where she was headed, and she still had a long way to go until she was out of harm's way. I stooped to pick her up and hurry her along. Good thing I did: seconds later, a bird went potty. If I hadn't taken the millisecond to move that snail, I would have gotten crapped on.

I lost my wallet. To find it, I retraced my steps. I almost ran over a snail with my bike tire. Luckily, I saw him in time, and carefully placed him in a safer location.

I returned home, having had no luck finding my wallet. But then, Lo! It had fallen out in the most perfect of places: my bedroom floor.

09 May 2008


Post office - stamps ≤ me - $$$. Me + stamps = happy geek.

20 April 2008


I just made my roommate laugh while she was gargling with mouthwash.

16 April 2008

excuse me?

One: Who put the Village People's quintessential classic YMCA on my computer?

Two: ... Why didn't I feel compelled to skip it when it came ringing through my speakers?

Three: ...really. And I think I enjoyed it.

27 March 2008

man twin amy

"I look at her every night before bed. I know what she looks like! Just take away the mustache and make him a girl! It's Amy." - Hillery, comparing Amy to "Nick from the Headlights"

20 March 2008

clandestine bodies of water

How do you hide an entire ocean?


Thanks, Caitie.

11 March 2008


You know you're doing really well when you come out of your room and your buddy looks up, sees your outfit, knowing full well that you didn't have time to shower, so you're wearing that one beret, smirks and says "hhh-yeah..."


And then, here's the really weird part: some nice young lady comes into your office and as she's about to leave, shyly says that she likes how you did your hair. "It looks really good today."

06 March 2008

class notes

Taken on 3 March 2008.


For some background information regarding cart whispering, please check this out.

05 March 2008


I just got reprimanded (I think?) for having too many [lengthy] social calls in the office.


22 February 2008

lovely animals

I love this escape.

And when I was little, I had an obsession with these. I was fascinated by them, as well as highly concerned for their well-being, as they were endangered and on the brink of extinction, perhaps. I even prayed for their survival. So, when we went to the wildernesses in which they lived, I crossed my fingers and toes that I'd see them haunting the forests around us.
I did.

14 February 2008


I do believe I'm cutting a tooth.


13 February 2008


She did this on her own.

We share the same birthday.

Fashion at its finest: Live Furs.


12 February 2008

survival of the fittest

If you wear cowboy boots, someone will say Howdy. And maybe even nod his head at you.

And you also might (almost) get hit while crossing the street by one of your best friends' mothers yelling "hello-oo-o Amy!" out the window.

My, oh my.

Happy birthday, giants! I mean, Gentlemen.

They may as well have been twins...

...and no wonder I like facial hair.

Are you with me?

29 January 2008

from another moon or galaxy

Okay, kids. This blew my mind, and I think I should provide the opportunity for you to experience a similar feeling.

18 January 2008


You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word.

1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket
2. Your work? Robot
3. Your hair? There
4. Your mother? Hello
5. Your father? Plaid
6. Your favorite thing? Hands
7. Your dream last night? Awkward
8. Your favorite drink? J-U-I-C-E
9. Your dream/goal? Fly
10. The room you're in? Neighbor's
11. Your ex? Him?
12. Your fear? Teeth
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Space
14. Where were you last night? Town
15. What you're not? Asian
16. What you are? Late
17. Muffin? Crickets
18. Where you grew up? Islands
19. The last thing you did? Asked
20. What are you wearing? Flannel
21. Your TV? Silent
22. Your pets? Aquatic
23. Your computer? Nonexistant
24. Your life? Here
25. Your mood? Gone
26. Missing someone? Ridiculously
27. Your car? Phat
28. Something you're not wearing? Glue
29. Favorite Store? Nature
30. Your summer? Social
31. Like someone? Sometimes
32. Your favorite color? Planet
33. When is the last time you laughed? Seconds
34. Last time you cried? Ago
35. Who will/would re-post this? None


"I've never been inside my brain."

-Miniature visitor of the Anthropology Department

16 January 2008

14 January 2008

11 January 2008


"Look! I made swear word stuff!"

04 January 2008


"Oddly enough, pythons seem to draw the line at Cambodian boys."

Thanks, National Geographic.