27 November 2008


The mournful Daisy Mae had just been thwacked with an inflatable bat, and as a last-ditch attempt to get any of our pity, she tearfully stopped at the top of the stairs, clutching fistfuls of tiny plastic snakes. As she shook the little serpents, making them quiver between her fingers, she dramatically pouted "and nobody will play snakes with me."

I lost it. And I choked on a mouthful of carrots trying to hide my laughter from this tiny girl.

Thanksgiving day was delightful. I love my family and the nonsense embedded in us.

I also love just about everyone around me. You're all top notch. Except you: you know who you are. Just kidding. You might not know who you are. Kidding again. Okay, nevermind. (The red squiggly line under Nevermind wants me to replace it with Nevermore, Verminous, Mastermind, and Undermined. Seriously... verminous?)

But really, I don't tell people often enough how much I love them. Ask me if I love you sometime. I dare you to.

I'd really like that.



Kaye said...

I love you more than pecan pie. And snakes.

Steph said...

Do you love me?


Am I the one who should know who she is?

Kidding...of course...and I love you too!

Thanks for documenting the 'snakes' story. Too cute!

Amy said...

You two probably didn't even need to ask. My love for y'all goes without saying.