27 December 2007


me: it's just kind of like "hi, listen to me, because i'm great, happy and thoughtful, but don't get too comfortable because i'm going to smack you in the face, so listen up : i've got a lot to tell you... like this?: i like coffee and i like tea, but there are tough things that hit, and you'll get all apathetic, that's right. but really, it's all simple, and you realize that you're just a little piece of a bigger thing. (which is a relief, if you think about it). and then you calm down again, and we help each other out, because we all have problems, and monumental things happen that really rip your heart to shreds. but don't worry, it's for a great reason, and you'll get bandaged up, and screwed up again, but that's not a surprise at all.
and once in awhile life flat-lines, but keeps going: it's all circular in the end."

it really follows a lifetime.
almost exactly
smack right into consciousness
gets all screwed up
ups and downs
crescendos and drop-offs
then some calm in there
and then you realize
it wraps all around

17 December 2007

twinkle twinkle little bat

I live out of teacups.

If it doesn't fit in a teacup or mug, I probably don't dine on it.

Oh wait. I forgot to mention take-out boxes.

Yeah, those too.

03 December 2007


I just sliced my thumb on attempting to pry open my waterlogged iPod.