30 May 2007


I just ate a piece of popcorn that looked like a brain. It was pink, too.

16 May 2007

heard in the halls pt. 1

"Yeah, that birth canal is NOT the cleanest place." - B. S.
"It's not that I go partying and stuff..." - D. F.
"If you bleed, I will not be happy. If there's an emergency in here, I'll be very mad at you." - H. A. H.

09 May 2007


I have a lovely life. I'm surrounded by lovely, loving people, who are 100% awesome
and they make me laugh all the time. I like that. Other things I like? My dreams. I have mutant, crazy dreams. They vary in color, contrast, speed, temperature, MPAA ratings, point of view, simplicity, saturation, species, soundtrack, volume, and cast. MyFriend Heather thinks I dream in acid trips. I also like the weather. It's just about as consistant as my dreams and this constant change keeps me on my toes. So does ink. I'm fascinated by what one can do with a bit of ink. Did you know that in some cultures they put ink under their skin in intricate designs? I'm intrigued by tattoos and satiate my amazement by watching Miami Ink every now and then. Amazing. I also like making wallpaper. That's all.