22 February 2008

lovely animals

I love this escape.

And when I was little, I had an obsession with these. I was fascinated by them, as well as highly concerned for their well-being, as they were endangered and on the brink of extinction, perhaps. I even prayed for their survival. So, when we went to the wildernesses in which they lived, I crossed my fingers and toes that I'd see them haunting the forests around us.
I did.

14 February 2008


I do believe I'm cutting a tooth.


13 February 2008


She did this on her own.

We share the same birthday.

Fashion at its finest: Live Furs.


12 February 2008

survival of the fittest

If you wear cowboy boots, someone will say Howdy. And maybe even nod his head at you.

And you also might (almost) get hit while crossing the street by one of your best friends' mothers yelling "hello-oo-o Amy!" out the window.

My, oh my.

Happy birthday, giants! I mean, Gentlemen.

They may as well have been twins...

...and no wonder I like facial hair.

Are you with me?