01 March 2012


St. Timothy yearning for his flighty girlfriend; so close, yet so far away.
It may look like there are two or three extra cats in the photo besides Timmy, but rest assured, there is only one: Kitty Baby. The star-crossed lovers gaze at each other, transfixed by the others' piercing eyes. They love each other, but don't know how to embrace it. He wants nothing more than for her to settle down with him, maybe start a family, but Kitty Baby is anything but the family-type. She's a free spirit, a wanderer. She comes to the windowsill every couple of days to taunt St. Timothy with her dazzlingly good looks. He is deeply under her spell, and pouts for the rest of the afternoon when she hops off her sunbathing ledge. She embodies everything that St. Timothy cannot have: freedom... hunger... disease.

One day, he will find himself cuddled up with the delicately feminine version of himself [she has light green eyes; his eyes are golden].

By the way, I started a website to document my artwork and the other projects I have been working on. You can find it here: ittybittybunny.blogspot.com