26 July 2007

summer thus far

The Great Outdoors, the Great Indoors, medium cheddar and whole grain crackers, flats of slightly too-ripe strawberries, Late-night silliness, krumpfest biznass, outdoor films under the abundant stars of Sundance with cuddly friends sprawled out on blankets and grass, watching fireworks from rooftops, stargazing on little blankies whilst interpreting dreams.
Guilty musical pleasures, superfluous discussions and then those at the other side of the spectrum, phone loss and ... cocktails, ubergigglyness, plane tickets to far-off lands, the prospect of simply living on the beach, blues voices, nostalgia and accompanying scents, slow and steady music, childlike wonder at pyrotechnic displays of patriotism, llamas and Brahma bulls.
Super late-night everything, including grilled cheese sandwich extraordinaires, les autres soirées, over-the-top celebrations of cake and dancing and révolution! stealing away to not-so-far-off-lands for little bouts of adventure, social family, un peu, dance dance dance, too much time in gallery silence and awkward glances, plaid shorts and frilly skirts, noel en juillet, heart-to-hearts, strawberry frappuccinos, lengthy stays at bookshops and public parks, depth, mildly illegal trespassing, swimmingswimmingswimming, reprimanded booty-dancing, dollar movie mind-drifts, comfortable awkwardness, silent attacks and loud reactions, camaraderie.