15 December 2009

love story/bad romance

It's a funny little thing eschewing sleep. Feast or famine these days. Sure, it's kind of killing me, but I kind of love it too, you know? I end up finding myself listening to unhealthy musical selections, reading silly little vignettes, fancy fashions and comics, browsing through lovely articles, fact-checking [Read: Wikipedia] everything, and getting ├╝ber giddy about things like this and this and this and this and this. Oh, and my heavens, don't forget this one. It kills me.

Don't even get me started on my RSS files labeled Awful and Unbearably Awesome. And anything having to do with cats, really. It gets bad.

And it doesn't help that I ate seaweed and other assorted who-knows-whats burning the pathway from my lips to my small intestine, and then immediately regretting said decision. (But totally keeping my cool. Mostly. 3+.) And that was at normal, fully-functional, oxygen-breathing civilian hours of operation.

Back to the coal mine.

That didn't make any sense. Doesn't matter. Just watch this.

17 November 2009

"I wanted to kiss you!" "Just don't make me throw up."

16 September 2009

"I don't know about you." Thanks, Mom.

14 July 2009

"I can bug you-- you're a tiger."

02 July 2009

before and after

same person, just two decades taller.

...and dweebier.

19 April 2009


"You are retarded. I love you. You're so funny."


11 April 2009


I just remembered my dream from last night.

Caitie and I were looking for a new apartment, and we checked this one out that had a lovely kitchen and a fairly spacious living room. The bedrooms were decent and the bathroom was also nice. There were about five groups of people milling about, and the air was tense with competition. Caitie and I looked at one another and were going to talk to the landlord in order to be first in line for application. And then I realized that I hadn't seen a toilet anywhere. I checked the bathroom again. No toilet. Sure, there was a shower and a sink, and even a large space that could accommodate a commode, but no toilet. It wasn't until the various potential occupants shifted around in the apartment that I saw the furniture in the living room: one couch, a love seat, an arm chair, some nice-looking end tables, and a toilet. Right by the door. I showed Caitie and we discussed how concerning this was. Even though we were bothered by having the toilet in the living room, what with absolutely no privacy for our guests [should we ever have any], we still counted this place our best option. We actually considered it. The deal-breaker, however, was not the awful placement of the toilet, but the fact that the toilet paper roll was located right next to the sink, two rooms away.

04 March 2009


you tell me a memory, a story, ..., i'll make you something.
include your address, but discreetly.

one per customer. must comment before my birthday to get it.

get it?

16 January 2009


I saw him eying me from afar. Across Savers. He was leaning against a clothes rack with his hands in the pockets of his pleated pants, one foot resting on top of the other. I crossed carefully behind the books, but his gaze continued. Just as I was almost to the door:

"You play volleyball, don't you?"
[Looking around] "Uh, me?"
"Yeah, you play volleyball, right?" [Him, throwing a sassy $10.00 smile.]
"Mmm, no."
"Ah, but you're so tall! You really should. And you're so..."
[Cutting him off before he could attempt to finish that sentence]
"I used to, but--"
"You shouldn't waste your height like that. You're beautiful."
"...thanks." [Shuffling off quickly, to avoid hearing the rest of his flattery.]


11 January 2009

bedfellows, pt. II

The other two came to visit today. Both were creeps and kneaded the bed to death.

Each time, my little terror came to reclaim her throne.

06 January 2009


all the cats change personalities when they get here.

and the other two nearly showed their pretty faces.

yes, Andrea, even Ghost.