04 March 2009


you tell me a memory, a story, ..., i'll make you something.
include your address, but discreetly.

one per customer. must comment before my birthday to get it.

get it?


Steph said...

OK, I'm in for yours too! Yup.
And P.S. I will need your address discretely too. ;)

Steph said...

Sorry...the memory or story.
I remember getting mad at you once. Just once. All the other times it was happiness and peace and flowers and love...
The one time was when I took you potty at g-mas house and when you were done you wanted to flush before I pulled your pants up and I wanted to pull your pants up first and we had a little arguement...2 year old and 12 year old...funny now. I felt bad then though. (well, I still feel bad, but you probably don't remember at all :))

Tamara said...

Amy -
Remember that one time at the cabin when you taught me how to play nertz. And you didn't yell at me - cause you're nice....kind of. Good times. Also remember when we beat everyone, dang we're good. And remember when Abby didn't love me...sad.

you're weird and I like it - Tamara

Caitie said...

I lived with you sometimes. We watched movies all day on Saturdays. Remember when we had a goal not to leave the house?

We had a kitty.

I remember life.

You know my address, silly.

Kaye said...

Remember when I gave birth to you? You had lots of dark hair and cute little pink fingers and toes. And I took lots of pictures because I knew you would be my last. I just didn't know how dang spunky you were going to be until you started getting into heaps o' trouble. I love ya.

Kaye said...

Wait, there's more.

I'm going to deck someone.
Roast colored markers.
No bangs.
4th grade hiking boots.
Maegan with her clipboard.
Baby bears.

Sar 'n' Car said...

Do you remember when...
sprinkler running at night.

fountain hopping.

your first speeding ticket.

opened a can of fruit on a reflector post.


Address: HFAC

M is for... said...

That time I saw you in the ASB with a bag of skittles, empty. It was poetic.