19 December 2008

thank you

Once in awhile, we receive delightful bits of post here at the anthropology department. Today, this envelope came in, shuffled amongst the catalogs and campus mail:

And Evie thought I should be the one to open it. Neither of us had noticed anything strange about the envelope. I tore the back and pulled out this slight strip of paper, folded in half.

...And then three young men walked in with matching tuxedos. Their bow ties were cornflower blue.



dre said...

beautiful and touching. what a kind soul this larry must be.

dre said...

can we do a story on this? pleeeeeeeze?

hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

larry should be on larry king live. this is BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

Claire Valene Bagley said...


A and O said...

Please say you saved that letter.
Posterity must be informed!

...unless of course they are already here, existing in another time zone.