28 November 2006


Last night was our first snow that stuck. It is beautiful. There's something lovely about walking through a little bit of snow, hearing it crunch and sigh,leaving little tracks only to be covered by layers upon layers of snow. I like drawing hearts on car windows with my fingertips. I like looking up at the streetlight's illumination of the falling snowflakes. I like seeing how they come down sporadically, yet have a swirling continuity. I like tricking my eyes into seeing the different layers of the varying speeds and sizes of snowflakes in relation to the rest of the wintry world around me. I like the deep, golden light that is reflected on the wet roads and glistening trees. I like when massive land formations disappear into a cloud of ice. I like when these mountains get swallowed up and the world seems much simpler without them.

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Caitie said...

wow. no snow here yet. actually today i went out in a light jacket and it was almost too warm. it's just been sunny and clear with a distinct nip. lovely to actually have a fall for once. but i'm looking forward to a real, home-cooked winter.