29 November 2006


As it turns out, we've all been wrong this whole time.

It was once thought that the earth was flat. Throughout history, scientists have debated this. Pythagoras first postulated that the earth was spherical, but not much attention was paid to this theory. Sailors and other nautical societies were cautious as they went on their voyages, fearing they would reach the edge of the world and simply drop off of the face of the planet. That would be terrifying. In actuality, the earth IS spherical. Proof can be found all over the place, including photographs from space! Now you can sail and sail forever and never fear falling off of our planet anymore. But to accentuate the excitement of having a world this shape, further evidence shows that the earth is actually hollow! [Please refer to the diagram]. Can't find a good vacation spot this year? Go to Agharta! Want to travel to Venus? Just hop on a spacecraft leaving from the center of the earth! Have an insatiable urge to find all of your missing socks? Now you know where to look!
As I am not an expert on this topic, I can only refer you to articles by professionals in this field. Check out their explanations at the following websites: The Hollow Earth, The UnMuseum, The Almighty Wikipedia.

Forget the zero degree forecast, I hear the weather's great there too.

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Heather Feather Weather said...

This is straight out of my physical science lecture- or one of the few I've been to lately.