26 October 2006


This will be a regurgitation of ideas. Tonight, I went to a concert. I've been avoiding these. For good reason. But tonight was okay. Enjoyable. I saw "Monsters are Waiting..." and the Brobecks. They were both good, but meh. I don't care to talk about it. Well, I actually really liked the monster people, but it'll take another listen to them to see if I really do enjoy them. Whatev. I'm sitting on the couch next to Susanna. She's watching me while I'm typing all of this. It's rather odd. Sometimes she'll look like she's not reading this, but in actuality, she really is. Funny girl. So we were discussing curfews that were set on us in high school. Her curfew was 10.30 pm, even on summer nights. Eek. Understandable though, seeing as most of the parties and functions that were happening in Aberdeen, South Dakota dealt with alcohol. That's no good. "Not the ones I went to." "My parents said that they just needed their sleep." My parents had much more loose regulations. I was supposed to be home at a "reasonable hour". Sometimes this turned out to be four a.m. But only rarely. Hmmm. Kind of. Well, sometimes. They put a lot of trust in me. I mean, for all they knew, I could have been messing around with my boyfriend, getting drunk, and trying all sorts of drugs. But I never did that. And I think I attribute that a lot to the trust that my parents put in me. Susanna went on a date with Dan again. The only reason we found out is because of Katie. She wishes that he were older. Because he seems a little immature. That's kind of the case with guys lately. We've converted Susanna to sushi. Ah, the beloved school of sushi. Yum. These days, I order crispy rolls without crab cake, but I replace it with cream cheese. Mmm. The cucumber and avocado work well with it. And they're crispy, which means they're warm. Or hot. That means they're exxtra tasty. Yeah, with a double x. So VanWilson is in my bookbinding class. Honestly. Well, maybe not so honestly, but hear me out. I was sitting in my seat, minding my own business, and through the door, an oddly familiar face walks in. This face was attached to the shaggy blond hair, the rockstar body, and the wardrobe slightly reminiscent of the early 90's grunge era, characteristic of VanWilson. Ah. Turns out, he's fairly nice, not creepy, but is a slacker in attending the class. So now it's monday morning. I came into the anthro department and Jason was in here with this scarf that has a hood attached. We marvelled at it and I gave it a name: scood. Then he called it a 'harf'. And then I called it a 'harfenscood'. Jason said that it sounds german. I'm not german. The end.

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