30 August 2006


Yesterday at work, I kept having little bouts of free time. I did this activity a few times throughout day. My friend sent me these questions, and I set my iTunes on shuffle in order to get the answers. Some are fantastic.

How am I feeling today?
Under the Walnut Tree: Keane (8:20)
The Coldest Heart: The Classic Crime (9:50)
Under the Gun: The Killers (12:12)
I’m a Wheel: Wilco (3:23)

Will I get far in life?

Sorry or Please: Kings of Convenience
Lullaby: Bed Folds Five

Such Great Heights: Iron and Wine
November: Duncan Sheik

How do my friends see me?

Strangers in the Night: Frank Sinatra
Part of Your History: Blue Merle

Originality: Thievery Corporation
Take Me Out: Franz Ferdinand

What is my best friend's theme song?
Little Thoughts: Bloc Party
The Mirror: Phantom of the Opera

I’m on Standby: Grandaddy
Embraceable You: Billie Holliday

What is the story of my life?

Homesick: Kings of Convenience
Prison Food: Ben Folds

Breaking my Heart: Aqualung
Made to Run: Blue Merle

What was high school like?

All You Want: Dido
You and Me: Lifehouse

Ordinary Thing: Stevie Wonder
Late: Ben Folds

How can I get ahead in life?
Baby Body: Youth Group
Toxic Girl: Kings of Convenience

Deal With It: Frou Frou
Gravity: Embrace

What is the best thing about me?

Yes & No: Venus Hum
Stardust: Nat King Cole

L-O-V-E: Nat King Cole
I Put Myself Together: Charles Brown

What was today like?

Take My Hand: Dido

My Apartment: Ben Kweller
Blue Moon: Billie Holliday
Miniature Disasters: KT Tunstall

What song describes my parents?

Don’t Panic: Coldplay
Another Sunny Day: Belle and Sebastian

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing: Stevie Wonder
Songbird: Coldplay

How is my life going?

Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup: Nat King Cole
Learnin’ the Blues: Frank Sinatra

Dance, Dance, Dance: The Beach Boys
Title and Registration: Death Cab for Cutie

What song will they play at my funeral?

Nature Boy: Natalie Cole
Try a Little Tenderness: Michael Buble

Skeleton Jar: Youth Group
Consolation Prizes: Phoenix

How does the world see me?
Emotive: Chicago Transit Authority
That Old Black Magic: The Rat Pack

Fever: Peggy Lee
Through the Dark: KT Tunstall

Will I have a happy life?

Love is a Battlefield: Pat Benatar
Do you want to?: Franz Ferdinand

Falling out of Love: Aqualung
All You Need is Love: The Beatles

What do my friends really think of me?

Little Hands: Duncan Sheik
Tout Doucement: Feist

Everything Changed: Aqualung
Gone: Ben Folds

How Can I make myself happy?

Para Vivir: The Latin Pimps
Walk in Fire: Doves

Pussyfootin: Rye Coalition
Return to Me: Dean Martin

What should I do with my life?

Headlock: Imogen Heap
Could you be loved?: Bob Marley and the Wailers

Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys
Jamming: Bob Marley and the Wailers

What will my children be like?

I Can’t Help Myself: The Four Tops
If You Wanna Be Happy: Jimmy Soul

Piece of Wood: Youth Group
In the Misty Moonlight: Dean Martin

What will the person you marry be like?
I’d Rather Dance with You: Kings of Convenience
I Will: The Beatles

High Hopes: Frank Sinatra
Midnight: OK Ikumi

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Mess: Ben Folds Five
Come See About Me: The Supremes

Saddest Vacant Lot in all the World: Grandaddy
Debate Exposes Doubt: Death Cab for Cutie

Will you have a fulfilling life?
Embrace Me: Gabriella
Death of an Interior Decorator: Death Cab for Cutie

You Can Feel It All Over: Stevie Wonder
Her New Disaster: The Heart Strings

How will you die?

Cheek to cheek: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
Cry Me a River: Ella Fitzgerald
The Way you Look Tonight: Tony Bennett
Brick: Ben Folds Five

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