13 February 2012

St. Timothy the Majestic

Behold, the power of intergalactic fantasy and horror have combined to form this heavenly creature. May his meekness and fortitude bless us evermore.



Joseph Peterson said...

i'm not sure what this means.
is there something to call the cat now?

my ghostwriter said...

Yes, St. Timothy. Or Big Timmy. Or Timi. Or Tiny. Or T. Or Tiny T. You know, he really doesn't mind what you call him, but he most prefers if you spread out a fuzzy blanket, give him treats, and tilt your head down so he can head-butt you.

Kaye said...

I like "Big Timi" but I think "Mr. T" would be appropriate. Especially if you give him some bling for Valentine's day. I love you. Happy Valentine's day.

Tamara said...

You're kind of a weirdo, but I miss you anyway :)