15 November 2011

for real

At one point, our flights home were set for 19 October. And then 15 November, to leave in seven hours, no joke. Three hours ago, we jetted over to the downtown office of Korean Air to fix that and finalize delaying our departure until mid-December.

I stole some squares of their pink toilet paper out of rebellion.

Oh, and a magazine; one about corruption.

Also, I'm holding off on posting more photos of us so that you can forget what we look like, and then be horrified when we return and our faces remind you that you are not, in fact, friends with or related to exotic world travelers who delight in experiencing the bizarre, but are, instead, friends with or related to the same old, same old Todd and Amy, who live in a cupboard in Springville.

...who use commas like they were burning holes in their pockets.

Yeah, that pair.

[Who locked into their engagement one solid year ago, I might add.]

[Sheesh, stop talking, Amy.]



Kaye said...

I will still, see your face, every time, I call you up, on gchat, really video chat, etc. Commas. Or comas. And I'm your mom, like I'd really forget what you look like. Hmmmph. It's a good thing Toddyface had you running all over kingdom come last year about this time to find the prize at the end of the rainbow. Glad I got to be a part of those shenanigans. I'm going to hug the stuffing out of you on Dec. 14. I loves yous you know. Now I have to type in yahinha for good luck.

Tamara said...

Ok, fine - but this is the LAST time. Stop it. No more delaying or you are we are going to move before you get your buns back here. Unacceptable, un, acc,ccepta,b,le.

my ghostwriter said...


Maegan said...

amy, i love you. hang in there! because when you get home i'll be almost moved to pocatello and we'll be able to play all the time!!!

Kaye said...

Because Pocatello is right in Provo's backyard. And T-dog. Agr,ee,d.

fonik said...

Simply beautiful, tell me what you think of this?