10 June 2011


I will commence this yearly post with a sound byte, captured a few nights ago. Todd had fallen asleep around 9:30 PM, and as hard as I tried, I couldn't do the same. I stayed up for a few more hours and a few times during the night, Todd spoke. He made a whirring or buzzing sound for about 45 seconds, and then started talking.

This was the tail-end of his ramblings:


W. A. Sandholtz said...

Hi Amy's blog. I thought you were dead. Maybe you are. But that doesn't mean Todd's somnolent discourses (that sounds like one of those phrases Amazon is always trying to get me to create when I buy things) are. No, they're alive and kicking.

dj rae said...

i'm pretty happy gregg has never recorded my ramblings when i'm on the verge of falling asleep. but it sure would be a riot.