08 October 2007

there might be something wrong:

My dreams have included:
-a little friend taking a massive hit from a joint the size of my forearm, who then turned into a cat, which ran to the nearest bathtub.
-finding five kittens in my laundry basket, having been forgotten for anywhere between three weeks and three months.
-legal documents blowing in the wind.
-clips of the old west, in high contrast.
-more kitties.
-complicated, layered plots involving the Mafia. And yet, they were of no consequence.

Yeah, I don't know either. But I do know that I can describe all of the following scenarios in exquisite, colorful details.


kaitlyn.e said...

i was once told that i walk like a sophisticated cat. maybe that's why you've been dreaming about cats: you miss me and the way that i walk and this was your subconscious's way of telling you.

tic tacs and tech decks said...

we should swap stories mine involve rain that ends up being very small bats (not the wooden bats but the nocturnal ones)and not water droplets, half marathons sponsored by a cult, joining the army because they have better food than church functions, flying kangaroos stealing Christmas trees, and a friend who chooses to turn into an octopus on weekends.