29 March 2007


I love my boss. Not many people can say this, but I really do. Evie does little things for me that are completely unnecessary for an employer to do. Sometimes she surprises me with breakfast, lunch, and other little goodies. Today, she brought me my favorite thing from Starbucks: A strawberry & creme frappuccino, chilled to perfection. She's a doll.


heathen said...


allyson elizabeth said...

I love cool bosses. My boss is from South Africa and constantly uses words like, "damn" and "hell" and a few other choice words interspersed her and there. It makes work so much more exciting.

hiller-ittle-ry thing she does is magic said...

she's only nice to you because she plans on following through with ursula the sea witch's plan.....eventually you will have no voice! she will take it! believe it!