12 February 2007


Although I am generally of the opinion that one should get at least a couple hours (or minutes) of sleep during the night, once in awhile it kind of feels good to get absolutely zero hours of sleep. Well. Maybe not good, per se, but... well, it's kind of nice to know that the only other creatures awake at that time are either on the opposite side of the planet, or they're part of the city's underground world. I was part of that underground society, I guess. I worked on pieces of art from dusk until dawn. ( ) I heard all sorts of charming sounds from the Night Orchestra: rain slipping from the clouds, little squeaks and creaks from the walls, a stray automobile whizzing by, alarm clocks going off at unholy hours from who-knows-where in the valley. I should have set up a camera for a time lapse photography session. Maybe next time, because happily, there will be a next time.


heathen said...

I get 4 1/2 hours of sleep and I want to die and everyone tells me that I look like I got very little sleep - in other words I look ugly and my eyes open only halfway. But you, on the other hand, are enjoying night orchestras. And are probably as chipper as usual.

Amy said...

Hmm. But I crashed and burned. Twice.

dre said...

i like to sleep.

i like to be the only one awake in the desert. then its just you and the nocturnal moths, baby.