14 December 2006


So my superboss came out and told me that someone from Marie Claire magazine has been contacting him to verify information in her article on hairstyles. Really. Hairstyles of a tribe in Africa called the Himba, his line of study. If you know this man, you also know that he's not exactly the glamourous type of guy. I wouldn't be surprised if when the magazine comes out, he welcomes it by pulling out his oversized rubber stamp that says "rubbish" in big, bold, red letters.

"I do hope my name isn't attached to it! I'll make sure of it!" - Dr. Africa, spoken with his foreign accent. Where the accent is actually from, no one can identify.

Also, "Any other questions or obnoxious comments?"

05 December 2006

please, please, please

There's simply too much stuff. All over the place. Let's reduce, recycle, and reuse. Here's an idea: for the upcoming gift giving season, let's only give gifts that serve two purposes-- functionality and sentimentality. If it helps simplify life, good. [Example: a spoon.] If it makes you feel genuine happyness, fantastic. [Example: An inside joke.] Let's just skip the kitsch. Oh, and bonus points if your one gift can replace fifteen things the person already has. [Example: I don't even know. Surprise me. And then make me get rid of those fifteen things...] Oh, and if you can just skip material things altogether, you get an extra dozen points. [Example: Something small to let someone know that you were thinking about them. Maybe a postcard. Or an email. Or an hour and a half of NiceTime. The possibilities are endless.] Oh, and if you can give someone a person as a gift [Example: new friend or something] that's even better. I think.