05 December 2006

please, please, please

There's simply too much stuff. All over the place. Let's reduce, recycle, and reuse. Here's an idea: for the upcoming gift giving season, let's only give gifts that serve two purposes-- functionality and sentimentality. If it helps simplify life, good. [Example: a spoon.] If it makes you feel genuine happyness, fantastic. [Example: An inside joke.] Let's just skip the kitsch. Oh, and bonus points if your one gift can replace fifteen things the person already has. [Example: I don't even know. Surprise me. And then make me get rid of those fifteen things...] Oh, and if you can just skip material things altogether, you get an extra dozen points. [Example: Something small to let someone know that you were thinking about them. Maybe a postcard. Or an email. Or an hour and a half of NiceTime. The possibilities are endless.] Oh, and if you can give someone a person as a gift [Example: new friend or something] that's even better. I think.


dre said...

i'll punch the first person to give me an hour and a half of NiceTime for Christmas.

Caitie said...

ah crap. now i have to throw it away.

allyson elizabeth said...

Would you consider a bajillion dollars functional? Hypothetically, of course.

Amy said...

allyson: yes. but technically, between you and me, it would also be an inside joke. a really, really good inside joke.

caitie: you probably don't. anything that comes from you counts as being senti-mental and is automatically treasured by me. um, hi. how many little pieces of tinfoil do i have around just to remind me of how hot you think i am in red? um. actually, maybe we shouldn't answer that.