16 June 2006

fix it up

Over the past few days, I’ve picked up a few new habits. I’ve been doing things out of the ordinary, which for me it probably means that these things are fairly ordinary. Point being, I got a haircut. Yeah, I don’t do these very often. I don’t need to. Yet I jumped into my friend Josh’s car and we headed to the stylist. I even knew exactly how I wanted it coifed. And as a cherry on top, my hairdresser found a solitary corkscrew-curly hair. (How did she single this piece out of the millions of strands? I don’t know, but I’m officially amazed.)

I also officially “worked out”. This happens rarely because I’m usually bouncing off the walls with energy anyway, spontaneously dancing and prancing about, so I don’t take the time to do organized fitness activities. I don’t know why I decided to do some honest-to-goodness exercise with boisterous music and a sports bra to boot, but I was invigorated. My kitty was terrified, as was Caitie a bit later. She told me that I wasn’t allowed to exercise if these would be the results. Boo.

On with the strange happenings, I cleaned my room. No, not like “look, ma! I shoved everything under my bed and you’re not going to notice” kind of clean. The kind of clean where boxes are stacked orderly, clothing is hanging in closets and shoes are even put into a confined space. Talk about strange. In my life’s status quo, bedrooms rarely get tidied, let alone deep cleaned.

There was a raccoon eating cat food on my side porch. I took a photo of it.

I was a nanny for four children and on a separate occurrence, I tended a baby. I haven’t babysat in years and I’m not a “baby-person”. Sorry, Gerber.

Instead of staying out at all hours, I went home early from socializing, and one night, I willingly didn’t even go out and play with friends. Fast times.

I’ve read ten novels in six weeks.

I resisted the temptation of calling a few people I shouldn’t call right now. And that’s how it goes. Good girl.

I went to some of my favorite stores and left without buying anything. This really happened. I promise. I didn’t even buy shoes. Really.

And last, but not least (but not really the last and maybe it’s not the least.) I’ve made goals. I’ve cleaned up my beliefs and renewed my passion for life. It’ll take a bit of work to keep this up, and I’ll undoubtedly falter. I’m okay with that.


Heather Feather Weather said...

I did the very same thing, shopping but no buying. I went to four stores where I very easily could have purchased nearly everything they had to sell, and I decided "no" on several good options.

Caitie on the other hand did the complete opposite, she never buys, but there she was, buying. Switching it up is a little bit refreshing.

Caitie said...

It's kind of erie-[insert word of choice] that I am mentioned in this actual blog, and in the comment to it, and I only just stumbled onto it today. Creepy.