27 March 2008

man twin amy

"I look at her every night before bed. I know what she looks like! Just take away the mustache and make him a girl! It's Amy." - Hillery, comparing Amy to "Nick from the Headlights"

20 March 2008

clandestine bodies of water

How do you hide an entire ocean?


Thanks, Caitie.

11 March 2008


You know you're doing really well when you come out of your room and your buddy looks up, sees your outfit, knowing full well that you didn't have time to shower, so you're wearing that one beret, smirks and says "hhh-yeah..."


And then, here's the really weird part: some nice young lady comes into your office and as she's about to leave, shyly says that she likes how you did your hair. "It looks really good today."

06 March 2008

class notes

Taken on 3 March 2008.


For some background information regarding cart whispering, please check this out.

05 March 2008


I just got reprimanded (I think?) for having too many [lengthy] social calls in the office.